PA Gubernatorial Democratic Candidate Attacked for Support of Abortion Rights

Pennsylvania Republican Party Releases Ad Linking Tom Wolf to Incarcerated Abortion Provider

With just weeks left before the November 4th election, the Pennsylvania Governor’s Race just got a little dirtier. In this latest attack, the PA Republican Party created and disseminated a flyer featuring Democratic hopeful Tom Wolf alongside Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortion provider who was recently incarcerated on three accounts of first degree murder.

Gosnell, who operated an abortion clinic now commonly referred to as the “house of horrors,” has been sentenced to life in prison for cutting the spinal cords of viable fetuses during abortion procedures. While Dr. Gosnell’s actions are corrupt and inexcusable, this attack ad is nothing more than a cheap attempt by the Corbett administration to turn their gubernatorial opponent into a monster.

Governor Corbett’s opinion on women’s issues is clear: he is anti-choice, pro-restrictions to access, and considers it acceptable to treat women as second class citizens. These beliefs are evident through the various restrictions on choice and access that Corbett signed into law in 2011. Corbett has continuously lost the support of Pennsylvanians for his out-of-date and anti-women policies. It is no surprise then that he feels the need to attack his pro-women opponent.  Read More »

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Clothing Optional: Revenge Porn Without The Nudity

It started with a book. Or maybe with a book review.

Going with chronology: one fall break, I wandered into a D.C. bookstore that was packed tight with volumes. They stretched to the ceiling and were double-stacked in front of cases. In one corner, I found a musty, esoteric title that pushed my pulse to a dizzying pace. While I was in thrall, my friend snapped a picture. Most photos featuring me don’t survive; this one became a favorite.

“Synopsis in Greek”: a simple caption, and I’d be content to leave it there. Except recently, the same photograph was stolen from a social media site.

When I found the picture on a stranger’s blog, the focus had shifted from the book in my hand to my “large, half-naked breasts”. To how I sexualize myself. To how I “run around with [my] boobs hanging out”.

Even as I called my mother to warn her that my body was being talked about online, I knew that the charges were unfounded. It was the sense of exposure, the knowledge that I’d become the subject of obscene voyeurism, that really upset me.

The culprit of this recasting was an independent author whose novel I’d reviewed and promptly forgotten. Three stars out of five; not bad, but not stellar. Yet the author felt wronged. He looked me up and noted that I’d included “feminist” in my Twitter biography. He decided that the review sentence related to his female characters was the crux of my critique, and that the whole of the review was invalidated by my “radical” subjectivity.  Read More »

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Submit, Dominate, Switch

I don’t really have a problem with the ideas of feminine and masculine. 

I have a problem with these ideas being forced upon people based on the function of their crotch. I have a problem with one sex being seen as an object, ornament, prize, goddess, and literal butt of the joke.

I think there is power in the feminine; in sympathy, hesitance, and tenderness there is a great advantage. The problem is in submission being on that list. The problem is in the fear of feminine power: of the female body, of the thoughtful woman.

Any feminist knows that humanity is inevitably sucked from those that dehumanize—those that lack the feminine empathy that granted us functioning societies, and thus advanced us so far as a species. Empathy is a feminine trait, remember? And speaking of advancing species, let’s not even talk about child birth. Femininity is powerful both as a concept and as an anatomy.

Men and women are, obviously, capable of possessing the same traits. Men can be tender and sympathetic, and women can be stern and demanding. This is just as natural as femininity and masculinity. So the problem arises when societies, insidiously or blatantly, deny men and women the freedom to be individuals who are only defined by their bodies and their gender to a point—a self-appointed point.  Read More »

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Born Again Feminist

I am a fan of popular music, and that includes all the rap, rock, and pop that degrades the shit out of women. My mother is a second wave feminist, and her mother was a first wave feminist. While I was growing up, words of, “How can you listen to this shit? Don’t you see a problem with this?” were common in my mother’s minivan.

Like most young people, I always thought she was just full of it. I mean, while I did see the imbalance between the way men were treated and the way women were treated in the media, and especially in music, I just didn’t understand the depth of how the media affects the views of society and shapes the worlds of individuals. I was only twelve, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen.

But that’s the thing about feminism, or about any social ideology, you can grow up surrounded by it, and you can even claim it as your own, but it’s almost useless that way. It’s useless in the same way that religion is useless if you’ve been surrounded by it for so long that you’ve never been able to see the need for it, and in the end, you might just abuse it while hiding behind its doctrine.  Read More »

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Brazilian Women Are Not Just Their Butts

“Where are you from?”


“I have a folder on my desktop dedicated to women like you.”

I am tired of Brazilian women only making the international news because of their butts. I am tired of prancing lingerie-clad models being representative of Brazilian women. I am tired of seeing “Brazilian Butts” workout DVD commercials. Mostly, I am tired of the glorification of Brazilian butts which minimizes Brazilian women to one part of their body.

I don’t want my culture to be defined by butts and because of that I want to bring to light some extremely awesome Brazilian women who have or are contributing immensely to the empowerment of Latina women and just kicking butts left and right.  Read More »

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