Raped woman is jailed!

Seriously WTF?!

This is just unbelievably insane. I hope something can be done to appeal the decision to imprison this woman.

She is raped by her husband numerous times, lays a charge, retracts the charge and when the police say they won’t drop it she then is forced to say she lied. Eventually she comes forward and says she made a false retraction and again admits she was raped…. so they jail her for perverting the course of justice?!

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    This story is disturbing for so many reasons. Instead of providing support for this woman who experienced a horrendous event (and who knows what other abuses she may have suffered at the hands of her then husband and his family) the British police are re-victimizing her…to what…punish her for causing the crown “trouble”? To discourage any future rape victims from changing their mind from pressing charges after the process has begun? The police have likely worsened an already dismal rape reporting/conviction track record….after all if the thought of poor conviction rates (often from improper police actions or overworked crown prosecutors), an often traumatizing rape trail weren’t enough…now we have jail time to look forward to should you dare change your mind.

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    Argh! See, this is why I hate.

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