My Contribution to “It Gets Better”

There have been very legitimate criticisms leveled at Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” video campaign: that it has excluded LGBTQ people of color, that it assumes or encourages passivity in the face of a hostile environment, et cetera. But it has been a source of community-building, solidarity, and support, and I have offered my own contribution to the campaign. (Unfortunately, the settings on Community blog posts don’t seem to allow for video embedding.) The video can also be viewed on my vlog.

I created the video in part as a response to the coverage of the death of Jamey Rodemeyer and of his struggle with homophobia and bullying. Though I did not know Jamey, I did also attend Williamsville North high school, and I have been disappointed in the Williamsville school district’s response (or lack thereof) to the tragedy.

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