Bachmann Sexism Watch: “Too Much Makeup”

Really HuffPo?

Now she’s wearing too much makeup? Eye makeup and some pink on her lips? That’s too much makeup? REALLY?

Please stop attacking Michele Bachmann, and all the other women in politics, just for being women, or for being feminine.

Seriously. This is ridiculous. We’re talking about someone who is a global warming skeptic, who is affiliated with gay reformation therapy, who has accused the President of the United States of being “Anti-American” many times, who has called AmeriCorps government “re-education camps” for young people, and a slew of other absurd politics, and you dig in and go after her for wearing makeup at an important public appearance. Makeup that looks good, to boot?

Let’s talk about something real, rather than shaming and discrediting candidates who are women just for being feminine.

Just stop. Please, stop.

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  1. Posted November 25, 2011 at 2:38 pm | Permalink

    Wow. That really makes me angry. Just another way of saying women shouldn’t be in politics. I’m going to write an email. (HuffPo: feel the feminist email wrath!)

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