American Taliban

While watching a program this fall on PBS shot by a female Afghani filmmaker, I was stupefied when I realized we have our own Taliban here in the United States of America. Oh God.

This passionate young woman and her two friends were traveling around Afghanistan filming women in the country and the cities to show the after-effects and recovery after the Taliban rule was eradicated. While she was describing the absolute oppression by a religious group, I realized that she would probably never believe that we American women are in danger of experiencing a large measure of the very same thing.

As I watched her pleading hopeful face looking into the camera, I could see that she desperately wanted the West to view this video and witness the truth. I had chills as I suddenly knew so clearly that she would be shocked to realize that with all our progress: (women vote, marry if and when and who they want, don’t have to wear headscarves, don’t have to cover our faces, hold any job, can be educated, can drive, can move freely, etc); we are still in very real danger of being told we HAVE to have a baby whether we want to or not, by a group of religious leaders (usually Roman Catholic men) who are a very real American Taliban.

Please, do other women see this connection? And, even more importantly, how can we use this to enliven, awaken, and galvanize the women (young, old, middle aged, famous) in the US to use it to save full power over our own bodies, minds and souls?

Best wishes to all women.

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    Woah, woah- ‘usually Roman Catholic men’? I’m not going to deny that there are some ultra-right Catholics and some reactionary bigoted pricks in the hierarchy (looking at you, Nienstedt- we’ll keep our rainbows out of your eucharist line when you keep your Church coffers out of our political system). But, I would say the religious right in America is much more heavily Protestant than Catholic.

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