I was just thinking (as I so often do) about the phrase ‘crazy cat lady.’ I checked out the definition on and it mostly confirmed that such a woman is usually a single, middle aged or old woman with (big surprise) lots and lots of cats. The accepted definition is usually that this woman is really lonely and wishes she had a husband.

Of course, I started thinking about what someone who’s never heard the term before would think if they heard it for the first time. Let’s break it down.

Crazy – Someone who might have a part missing, suffer from some kind of mental disorder like schizophrenia or mood swings, but can also mean someone who lives a wild lifestyle, or who defies accepted cultural norms. For feminists, this is a given. After all, how many times do you do something that’s totally normal for you and have someone stare at you and say, ‘Are you crazy?’

Cat – A small, usually furry, domesticated carnivorous feline. Socially speaking, they’ve been known to be independent as pets, and usually are characterized by their apparent disdain and air of superiority when around anything other than other cats. Research shows that cats find eye contact threatening and, as a result, do not socialize with humans that stare at them, or anyone for that matter, unless they damn well feel like it.

Lady – A woman, usually characterized by higher class mannerisms or breeding, but also simply an older woman, in contrast to a ‘girl,’ whom is younger.

So, logically, what’s a crazy cat lady? A more mature woman who might be eccentric or defiant of cultural norms and will turn her nose up at anything that she doesn’t feel like doing or treating with disdain anything that isn’t worth her time.

Now THAT’S a label I could get behind. The way I see it, there’s nothing wrong with being a little feline in a world of dogs. Meow.

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    May have to start using Meow on as much as I can… turn it into a feminist meme by slow viral infection….

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