Misogyny should no longer be socially acceptable on dating websites

I no longer can or wish to keep quiet about blatant hatred of women/misogyny that is being promoted, condoned, encouraged and hosted by OKCupid dating website. It is true that most dating sites have their fair share of misogyny going on, but the existing practices at OKCupid make the problem especially heavy. The horrendous abuse that is routinely happening on this website and not addressed by the website owner must be STOPPED.

Sadly, I noticed that many young women started to take dating site abuse and misogyny for granted, as something that is to be expected and normal, which shows how much damage is being done to their self esteem. I hear of women who consider receiving hateful and degrading messages to be “no big deal” and something to simply ignore or laugh at. To me, this is no laughing matter…A person goes on a dating website in hopes to find someone special (at least most people do), and this shouldn’t be turned into a degrading experience. A lot of  males are allowed, by this dating website, to perpetuate their abuse and hatred of women and freely spread it around. Once a person receives hateful or lewd messages, something is taken from them–they’re literally being spit into their soul–their ability to trust is diminished–and OKCupid, by their existing practices, promotes this situation (see my blogs listed below for details–and I go into extensive detail and provide numerous links confirming the status quo.)

These two blogs below are just first steps in the action that I plan to take against this site’s facilitation of blatant, ruthless and ugly misogyny. After being harassed and degraded for no reason, simply because of signing up for their account, I will not leave this alone.

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    I read both of your blogs, and it looks like the predominant problem is the OKCupid users, rather than the site itself – is that accurate?

    I think that your blogs do a great job of highlighting and showcasing the problem, but there doesn’t seem to be a specific call to action or a clear indication of what you want OKCupid to do (other than a brief mention of how other sites allow users to ignore messages or preblock users or groups of users).

    I guess my question is what, specifically, do you want OKCupid to change, and what, specifically, do you want your audience to do in order to encourage or force that change?

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