Women rock! (But not so much in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame…)

What started as a few gals listening to tunes in a bar in Southwestern Ohio (or Northern Kentucky–depending on who you ask) has sparked into a movement to raise awareness about the lack of representation in Cleveland’s Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.  Of all the 296 inductees since the hall has been founded, practically 87% have been men or bands with nary a woman rocker.  Seriously?  Seriously.

Now, to be fair, the Hall has recognized some of the greats.  Aretha Franklin was the first woman inductee in 1987.  And the Hall ran a “special” showcase on “Women Who Rock.”  But women don’t deserve to be in the annex.  Busting up the establishment is part of what we do!  So why are some of those who are particularly “bustin’ up the patriarchy” like Joan Jett, Cyndi Lauper, and Pat Benatar (all eligible) missing from the official rolls of the Hall?  Why pass up on Heart (again!) for Guns N Roses this year?

Check out our Facebook page, sign the petition, and get wise to the facts.

More women should be in the Hall…  Rock on!

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    Oh and today is the last day to votevote for our float for Women in the Hall in Cincinnati’s historic Northside 4th of July Parade. Pics of the float can be seen on this post by Harmonic Mama.

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