Ode to the man who catcalls me as I walk down the street

Oh what a miserable man are you

Just shut your mouth for a second or two


You think yourself so droll

but really you’re just an asshole.


Despite your romantic line

of “Oh, baby, you’re so fine,”


I swear it to be true,

I will not sleep with you.


I deserve to be treated better,

even in no pants and a tight sweater,


because no matter how I look,

your words make you a crook.


You steal my sense of safety,

my ability to walk around care-freely.


Your appalling lack of respect

must be some sort of defect.


What would your mother say

if she knew you were behaving this way.


I hope she would say, “Cut off his dick,”

then maybe you would stop being a prick.


I doubt this poem will change your fucked-up mind,

but keep your lecherous eyes away from my behind.

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