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“This is a Catholic country”

TweetA women in Galway, Ireland has died of septicemia after being denied an abortion that could have saved her life. The women requested numerous times for the pregnancy to be terminated but was at one stage told “This is a Catholic country”. “Rachel Donnelly, a spokeswoman for pro-choice campaigners in Galway said: “This was an obstetric emergency [...]
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Why your religion has nothing to do with abortion: One outraged Virginian’s perspective

TweetIf you’ve been following the conservative assault on reproductive rights, then you might know that Virginia recently suffered a right-wing takeover that threatens to shut down almost every single abortion clinic in the state. It’s been summarized well by news outlets, so if you’d like to read up on it, I refer you to here [...]
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The tragedy of forced sex-selective abortions (And the people who lie about them)

TweetCross posted on my personal blog A few months ago the notoriously misleading Live Action released yet anotherdoctored Planned Parenthood “under cover” sting video that attempted to discredit the organization by stating that they are complacent with sex-selective abortions. Exactly what it sounds like, a sex-selective abortion  is when a pregnancy is aborted y based on the gender of the fetus. [...]
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Open Letter to Representative Trent Franks: What Caring About Women and Babies Really Looks Like

TweetDear Representative Trent Franks, Today, I watched you debate during the markup for HR 3803, or, as you may know it, the District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban abortion after 20 weeks in Washington, DC.  I watched you valiantly fight to save “the children” from their pain even in the [...]
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The War on Women (or how the word ‘vagina’ scares the menfolk)

Clearly cooler than the war on poverty, the war on women's reproductive rights reaches new heights this month as Michigan joins other states in passing vagina-bashing legislation. Oh! And the word for female genitalia is also apparently prohibited as well. That is if you're a Michigan legislator. And you're a woman. And you talk too much. And it makes sense.
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