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New resource: Repro Health Watch highlights war on women’s health in the states

TweetFacts matter. When the facts about women’s health are a central part of the discussion about access to reproductive health care, the conversation changes – and now more than ever, we need that change. In the past year, women’s health has faced attack after attack – and not just from Congress. According to the Guttmacher [...]
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Planned Parenthood joins Tumblr

TweetPlanned Parenthood just launched their new Tumblr. Yay! Check it out! [Image via] Tweet
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A WTF Moment in Mississippi

Tweet The ONLY ABORTION CLINIC IN MISSISSIPPI could be shut down? I read about this yesterday and…I honestly didn’t know how to respond. There are so many things that are problematic about this, let me count the ways… (1) There is only 1 abortion clinic in Mississippi! I repeat, there are ~1,526,057 women in Mississippi [...]
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Personhood Amendment Proposal Reaches Canada

TweetI have been an avid reader of Feministing for years.   It’s my go-to source for feminist news, articles, intelligent discourse, and discussion.    Being a Canadian reader, I was saddened and sickened to read Feministing’s coverage on the war on abortion rights currently being fought in the United States.  Reading about the barriers so [...]
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When the pro-choice movement perpetuates abortion stigma

TweetCross-posted from the Abortion Gang. Last week I had the privilege of participating in a panel called Demystifying Abortion, an event that aimed to shift the conversation away from the politics of abortion into the day to day reality of reproductive health care provision here in NYC. I was on the panel representing NYAAF, the abortion [...]
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