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Ode to the man who catcalls me as I walk down the street

TweetOh what a miserable man are you Just shut your mouth for a second or two   You think yourself so droll but really you’re just an asshole. Tweet
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TweetFeminist activism pertains to the seeking of social justice on all gender issues (particularly concerning what can be done to overcome inequality), and social justice is the idea of creating societies that are based on the principles of equality, human rights, and human dignity. Feminists work to bring about change through awareness of social injustices [...]
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Critiquing ‘Pinktober’ Is Not Enough

TweetThe blood draining from the bandages where my mom’s breasts used to be was vermilion, not pale pink.  Neither were the pill bottles, paper measuring cups, or plastic buckets I arranged in rows around her following her double mastectomy. When we think of breast cancer, we don’t think of it in shades of red, brown, [...]
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Open Letter For A Mosaic Movement: Troubling The Water

TweetI woke up Sunday morning disoriented, angry and resolved. I found myself walking up Adam Clayton Powell heading to the Justice for Trayvon rally in Harlem on 125th Street. After hearing my comrades speak passionately, poignantly and powerfully, I felt moved to speak out, too. It was the first time I had spoken at a [...]
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Plan B for All

TweetLast night’s NYTarticle  article on Obama’s Plan B decision flooded my facebook homepage, twitter and email. This news is undoubtedly, a huge step forward for reproductive rights and progress for girls and women of all ages and colors. A recent conversation with some lovely and wonderful, also evangelical conservative family, left me with pause on [...]
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