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Yoplait’s confessional

TweetIt’s time to confess your sins. So says Yoplait. The yogurt company recently launched a campaign urging women to post their diet “fails” online using the hash tag “foodfessional.” It’s OK to slip up on your diet, says Yoplait—as long as you confess your sin and pledge to make the virtuous choice: opt for a [...]
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Why an Australian Snickers ad is a kick up the vagina

TweetCross-posted at Miscellaneous Me. When I first saw the recent Australian Snickers advertisement online, I had no idea of what I was about to watch, presuming it to be a generic homemade video and not part of a corporate advertising campaign. The viral video was simply listed on an entertainment site as, “Aussie Builders Surprise Women With Loud Empowering Statements,” and was [...]
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Real Men Buy Tampons, Right?

TweetAs a woman, I’m often ambivalent about going to a store when I need feminine products, but I happen to be married to a guy who LOVES going for me. (And this is not just a perk of marriage; he was cool with it when we were dating.) The more personal the item is the [...]
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Skinnygirl Wine: Commercials reinforcing beauty standards.

TweetMedia is an incredibly powerful social force that reinforces and constructs gender roles and standards of which we are heavily encouraged to conform to. When I saw the Skinnygirl Wine commercial I thought, “Well shit! This just exemplifies almost every beauty standard that women are subjected too!” The first issue that I have with this commercial, besides [...]
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“It’s just a harmless advertisement”: On liposuction, media, and perpetuation of sexism

TweetArticle originally appeared on TheFeministWire.com, May 10, 2013. Several weeks ago, Bucknell University, my alma mater, published its weekly campus newspaper. While just about every edition of The Bucknellian has some article or opinion piece that makes you raise an eyebrow or shake your head, this particular week’s paper contained something that sparked outrage across [...]
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