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RadioShack sells sex in new dreadfully banal ad

TweetI’m not sure what’s more sad and predictable: That RadioShack is telling its remaining female customers to talk a long walk on a short pier or that the rest of their customers have bought into it. RadioShack, a company that is in serious trouble, has become exceedingly desperate and decided that the very real problems [...]
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Television Ads: Targeting Women’s Dreams?

TweetIf you watch television, you’ve seen the commercials. You know, the ones that show the father figure feeding the kids before school and getting everyone ready for the bus stop? Historically, commercials have always shown women in this role; so are things finally changing? Are the commercials slanting their visuals to keep up with the [...]
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Advertising and Marketing: Sexism Doesn’t Always Sell

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry As a feminist and social critic, I often point out how the advertising and marketing spheres are a major source of sexism and misogyny. From sexualization to objectification, advertisers know that sex (and poking at people’s insecurities) sells. Unfortunately, a common reaction to my blogs which point out the sexism and sheer ridiculousness of [...]
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Google and My Boobs

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry. It all went downhill fast. What was intended as an exploration of the Feministing archives turned, with a click of a Google Ad, into a dark examination of my own weird body obsessions (am I the only one who stands in front of a mirror poking that turkey wattle thing on [...]
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A New Frontier in Anti-women Advertising…

Tweet So there I was, shopping at my local TESCOs with my friend Jess, toddling along the drinks aisle searching for the cheapest source of caffeine to get me through the hardships of university coursework and exams when SUDDENLY: A WILD MISOGYNIST ATTACKS! Suddenly, staring me in the face among the Red Bull and Gatorade [...]
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