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The Harbinger of Doom, or NOT!

TweetThis is where we were at in my last post: “Now, I hate to be the harbinger of doom (I’m talking to all you younger ladies out there as well), but all women, every single one of us, must face this scenario sooner or later. As we age the popular media gradually villainizes and de-sexualizes us, [...]
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Quit your whining, bitch, and just age gracefully! The Invisible Woman – Part 2

TweetG’day ladies. If you read my last post, you might have noticed that I’m a bit uptight about the aging thing. It’s not so much about the natural physical process (although I can’t deny that it hurts – literally), but how aging women are perceived, and received in our western society. We are looked at [...]
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The invisible woman: Part 1

Tweet“What am I if I’m not sexually attractive – am I anything?” ~Ella Dreyfus Aging is terrifying! I have to tell you, the older I get, the crueler the whole thing seems. It’s that evil bastard, time. It just goes too fast. I hadn’t thought about it much until recently, I guess I’ve been on [...]
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Aging and the media’s obsession with youth

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry When I blog about body image, I always rail against the media’s obsession with youth and thinness. Yet, even though I know better, I don’t escape getting hooked with its message. Bottom line: I’m struggling with getting older. I haven’t yet tamed the voice of the inner-shrew-on-aging. I hear her in [...]
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“This is 40″ bloated with tired stereotypes

Tweet A SYTYCB entry I wanted to get excited for this movie. I mean — Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Judd Apatow — we’re pretty well conditioned to laugh before the trailer even BEGINS, right? It has all the ingredients for Grown-Up Comic Gold; Paul Rudd is basically Movie Jesus, after all, blameless savior of cinema, [...]
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