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Uncritical patriotism

TweetI live in Boston. The bombings last week were approximately 2.5 miles from my house. I experienced the shock, fear, and uncertainty that has rocked this city over the past several days. However, the amount of unchecked patriotic rhetoric that has been carelessly thrown around since the terrible bombings have left me feeling frustrated, angry, [...]
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Dear Romney, Ryan and the Republican Party

TweetDear Romney, Ryan and the Republican Party, You forced us to choose between keeping a larger portion of our paycheck or keeping the right to our own reproductive health.  You made us choose between fiscal reform or denying the civil liberties of others in order to adhere to your religious agenda. You made us choose [...]
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Is New Girl Getting Better?

It’s a show about how Jess affects this group of guys, not how they affect her. If the show was about how the guys affect her, it would be called “New Guys.” To her, they are new. She is only a new girl from their perspective.
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What Walmart and Brett Easton Ellis Don’t Have in Common

There is a base level of misogyny in corporate America that’s larger than any of the individual corporations that comprise it.
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