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“She Had a Heartbeat Too”: The Tragic Death of Savita Halappanavar in an Irish Hospital

TweetCross-posted from On The Issues Magazine. By Ann Rossiter, On the Issues Special Correspondent in Dublin, Ireland. A 17-weeks pregnant woman with severe back pain is admitted to a hospital in the west of Ireland. After an examination, she is told that her cervix is fully dilated; her amniotic fluid leaking. Her immature fetus will not [...]
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Exploding Echo Chambers: Why there’s Still Hope for Feminism

Tweet A SYTYCB entry The United States seems to be faced with an unprecedented ideological regression. Outrage and surprise are shown over and over again in the feminist community. We still fear the repeal of Roe vs. Wade? We still can’t pass pay equity legislation? Wait… we may lose access to… birth control?! The situation [...]
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Voice of Choice: Turning the tables on anti-choice bullies

TweetIt seemed one of the most unlikely places for an anti-abortion protest – a quiet, suburban middle school during back-to-school night. And yet, there they were, pictures of bloody fetuses in hand, and the picture, name and phone number of Todd Stave, entrepreneur and owner of a Germantown, Maryland building that houses one the most [...]
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Confusing an anti-abortionist 101

TweetCross posted on Saira Says View video here  What I find so scary about this video is that it demonstrates how willfully ignorant the anti-abortion movement is. Not only do they not think about the consequences of what they are advocating against but when asked about it, none seem to have ever considered this. These are, by [...]
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The Fifth Stage: My Thoughts at the Thirty-Ninth Annual March For Life, January 23rd, 2012

TweetCross-posted. I wrote this post in the immediate aftermath of my experiences at the March For Life, and have revised it since. I was going to sit on it, and wait for inspiration in expanding my piece into essay-length. However, the recent decision of the Susan G. Komen Foundation to rescind funding for Planned Parenthood [...]
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