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Abortion Clinic Burned on New Year’s Morning – Into the Streets for Abortion Rights On Roe V Wade!

On January 1st, by 1:00 in the morning, an abortion clinic in Pensacola, Florida was engulfed in flames. By all accounts thus far, this was a case of arson. But chances are you have heard nothing about this. The fact that there has not been a single politician commenting on this violent assault on an institution that is essential to women's freedom and that this act of terror has not been picked up on in the national/mainstream media should only serve as a further wake-up call to those who care about women's rights.
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Labeling Abortion as “America’s Holocaust”

TweetRay Comfort is an Evangelical Christian on a crusade to change the minds of young voters on issues of abortion through  abhorrent comparisons of abortion to the Holocaust. He berates young people on the street by asking them wild hypothetical questions about what they would do as soldiers under Hitler’s Nazi regime, and then attempts [...]
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Dispatches From the Fence: First Week of Anti-Choice Protest

TweetThe 40 Days For Life anti-choice protest has been going on for a week. Each day Shawn Carney, the Campign Director of 40 Days for Life, sends out emails and blogs detailing that day’s events and protest. In the first week they claim “38 babies — that we know of — spared from abortion.” Of [...]
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Cissexism In Pro-Choice vs. Anti-Choice Communities

Tweet[Originally written for my personal blog] This piece is a work in progress. In fact, I am currently editing it from my phone while I wait to board my plane at the airport. I am really open to hearing what other people have to say, receiving feedback, and having conversations about the points I make [...]
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Abortion doctor Leroy Carhart is a hero – Operation Rescue wants him dead

Starting July 31st, one of the most courageous and prominent abortion providers in the country is being targeted by one of the most hateful, fascistic, anti-woman groups in the country. Anyone who cares about the future for women needs to be there or find a way to support those who will be.
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