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Steubenville, Consent, and the Great American Wiggins Over Teen Sex

TweetOur culture has a rape problem in part because we haven’t taken the time as a society to discuss consent, particularly with impressionable young people. Talking to young people – particularly young men – about not raping includes telling them to seek an enthusiastic and cogent “yes” to sex rather than simply proceed with sex [...]
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Women, assault, and the illusion of statistics

Tweet**TRIGGER WARNING: This post contains graphic images and descriptions of physical assault** Cross posted on Feminists for Choice Here’s the thing about domestic violence and physical assault: You can list off all the statistics available out there (one in four women has experienced domestic violence in her lifetime) without realizing what they really mean. It’s [...]
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Thinking about transphobic and transmisogyinistic violence (Serious Trigger Warning)

Tweet Before you read this, know that it is going to be a really triggering read, and that most of the links are to really triggering content. —————————————————————————————————————————- Yesterday, April 22, 2011, a video circulated around my circles on Facebook from the queer and feminist blogospheres of a trans woman being brutally beaten in a [...]
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