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Dear World, Let’s Give Saudi Women Some Credit

TweetWell, look here, world. In a stunning move of independence replete of any help, force, or aid from the West, the first female law firm has opened in Saudi Arabia, two months after its founder and three other female lawyers were granted licenses to practice law in the nation. The law firm will focus on [...]
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Women geeks artists create 1st WiredArtsFest and it supports repro rights!

Tweetby Cindy Cooper The first-ever WiredArtsFest may be the future of theater — live performance on stage in New York, captured by four film cameras, and simultaneously broadcast over the Internet to people everywhere by live streaming technology. And if this is the future, it’s finally looking good for women. Thirteen performing companies are participating in the WiredArtsFest, [...]
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An ode to the Riot Grrl

TweetEvery woman should know about the riot grrl movement. It’s the most recent feminist movement (early 90′s), it’s the cultural companion to the third wave feminism, and it’s fronted by badass punk chicks. And badass punk chicks are cool. Up until the riot grrl movement and third wave feminism, feminism typically focused on an all-encompassing [...]
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Why I got married (as if it’s any of your beeswax)

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry “Get out your card, honey, we’re splitting this.” “Oh…we are? I thought this was your treat tonight.” “Nope. I already spent $300 on this trip…” “Yeah, and I bought breakfast this morning, the cab ride, we split dinner last night, I paid for our bags… …And on and on it goes. [...]
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Feminism isn’t outdated

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry Being a feminist activist in the twenty first century isn’t exactly celebrated. This so called fourth wave feminism is not socially acceptable; identifying as a feminist is usually frowned upon. Feminists are seen as man-haters and menopausal freaks. But, the work of feminism is still not done, even in American society, [...]
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