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“It’s just a harmless advertisement”: On liposuction, media, and perpetuation of sexism

TweetArticle originally appeared on TheFeministWire.com, May 10, 2013. Several weeks ago, Bucknell University, my alma mater, published its weekly campus newspaper. While just about every edition of The Bucknellian has some article or opinion piece that makes you raise an eyebrow or shake your head, this particular week’s paper contained something that sparked outrage across [...]
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Beauty and the media

TweetThink about your idea of beauty. Is it a full-bodied girl with a little bit of chubbiness around the hips? Or maybe a boy with muscles like rocks? A girl who can fit into size 00 clothes? In all likelihood, your idea of beauty comes from the media. And right now, that means skinny. Skinny [...]
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On fatshion

Tweet I just finished the book my Mom gave my for my birthday, a book I’ve really been looking forward to reading, Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girl on Life, Love, & Fashion edited by Virgi Tovar.  I became aware of Fat Activism in a class I took my last semester of college called Women [...]
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The invisible woman: Part 1

Tweet“What am I if I’m not sexually attractive – am I anything?” ~Ella Dreyfus Aging is terrifying! I have to tell you, the older I get, the crueler the whole thing seems. It’s that evil bastard, time. It just goes too fast. I hadn’t thought about it much until recently, I guess I’ve been on [...]
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Pink sequined tutus: The gendering of dance

TweetOriginally posted at The Feminist Anthropologist.  This past weekend was the first time in fifteen years or so that I have been in the audience of a dance performance. I have been a dancer since I could walk, though I have always had a frayed relationship with the activity that demanded so much of my [...]
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