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Singin’ the praises of American Idol season 12’s all-female finale

This undoubtedly sends a message to the recesses of girls’ and women’s minds that their bodies, whatever size and shape, are beautiful vessels in which they can do amazing things.
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Why Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” Can Do Better

TweetYesterday, Dove launched a new addition to its ongoing Real Beauty campaign. “Real Beauty Sketches” features a social experiment in women’s perceptions of themselves. In the video, a forensic artist draws as women describe their own faces. He then listens to acquaintances describe the same women. He creates two sketches: one the women helped to create themselves, [...]
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The Harbinger of Doom, or NOT!

TweetThis is where we were at in my last post: “Now, I hate to be the harbinger of doom (I’m talking to all you younger ladies out there as well), but all women, every single one of us, must face this scenario sooner or later. As we age the popular media gradually villainizes and de-sexualizes us, [...]
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How can the desire to feel/be pretty coexist with beauty?

TweetX-posted from Art of the Possible I did not create this image. I found it in a google image search.If this is your image, thanks for making it. Let’s get one thing perfectly clear: beauty and pretty are not the same thing. A conventionally attractive person is no more guaranteed to be beautiful than a [...]
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“Bad” Feminists Anonymous

TweetHi, my name is Monica and I am a “Bad” Feminist. Do you ever have moments like that? In which your actions or thoughts contradict your feminism?  Don’t you wish at times that there was a club in which one could whine about society programming our brains and how difficult it is to reprogram them? [...]
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