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Seen, Then Heard

TweetDamn, I look good. Crop top hugging my waist. Suede skirt dangling from my hips. Black leather boots with a three-inch heel; the perfect height. Topped off with a dab of black eye shadow for that smokey eye. Audrey Vardanega is ready. Leather jackets, short dresses, leggings, high heels, rompers, large handbags, dangly earrings, knee-high [...]
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Have you lost weight?

TweetWe live in a culture that is obsessed with getting thinner and thinner. Since having recovered from an eating disorder, I am especially sensitive to certain “key words” that I often hear from people around me. I could be completely focused on a book or engrossed in my work at my job but if someone [...]
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Do I look okay?: Body monitoring

Tweet Have you ever been out having a good time, and suddenly get this feeling that your hair isn’t in the right position, or your make up may have gotten smeared, or maybe you feel like you need to readjust your skirt? These are just some of the ways that we monitor our body as women, [...]
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Lowered Expectations: The Experience of Dating While Fat

TweetYears ago, Mad TV used to have a skit called “Lowered Expectations”. It made fun of video dating ads, and usually had someone who was considered “weird” or “undesirable” creating an unintentionally funny video to place on a dating website or program. I used to laugh a lot at this, because at the time, it [...]
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10 Things You Never Thought You Could Learn from Kim Hall’s Letter to Teenage Girls

TweetKimberley Hall is a mom who wrote a blog post in the form of a letter to her sons’ female friends who were posting sexual pictures of themselves on social media outlets. This letter went viral. I posted it on my Facebook account and I have never received such a huge response to a post [...]
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