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Why Bro-Humor Breast Cancer Campaign Slogans are Bullshit

TweetAnother October has arrived, and with it has come the endless breast cancer fundraising campaigns. “Save the Ta-tas!” “Save Second Base.” “Save the Boobies!” “I’m Here for the Boobs.” Last week I even saw a bowling tournament named “Spare the Boobies.” These slogans have been bombarding us ever since people figured out how to make [...]
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Critiquing ‘Pinktober’ Is Not Enough

TweetThe blood draining from the bandages where my mom’s breasts used to be was vermilion, not pale pink.  Neither were the pill bottles, paper measuring cups, or plastic buckets I arranged in rows around her following her double mastectomy. When we think of breast cancer, we don’t think of it in shades of red, brown, [...]
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Victory! Supreme Court Decides: Our Genes Belong to Us, Not Companies

TweetBy Sandra S. Park, ACLU Women’s Rights Project Should companies be able to patent human genes? Today, the Supreme Court answered that profound question with a resounding NO. Seems like common sense, right? But over the last 30 years, the U.S. Patent Office has issued patents on thousands of human genes, including genes associated with [...]
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Steven Ertelt of Life News

TweetCross posted on Saira Says  I’m not a vindictive person. Nor do I usually put much thought into my twitter arguments after the fact. Twitter is a hodge podge of liberals and democrats. I’ve had some intelligent debates, I’ve had some downright nasty arguments with some horrifically uninformed people but this one really takes the cake and [...]
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Today We Take Back Our Genes

TweetThere is something fundamentally wrong with allowing companies to own the rights to pieces of the human genome. Today the ACLU is launching a campaign to illustrate the personal harms of gene patenting by showcasing those who have been or may be directly impacted by this practice. Today we are "Taking Back Our Genes." Stand [...]
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