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The Top 10 Questions to Ask About Your Title IX Rights on a College Visit

TweetThis piece was cross-posted from the National Women’s Law Center blog, and written by intern Michaela Olson. ‘Tis the season for college visiting. As campuses across America are flooded with high school students this summer, there are some hard-hitting, crucial questions to keep in mind—and they may help to give you better perspective on where [...]
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At the intersection of privilege and college admissions: An apology of a former Abigail Fisher

TweetIn retrospect, it would seem obvious that I, as the daughter of two upper middle-class liberals, growing up in an isolated suburban liberal hamlet, would become a racist. I was not the White Supremacist flavor of racist, but I was a more subtle (and thus more dangerous) varietal of racist. I did not understand my [...]
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My professor called a student’s rape “hanky-panky”

TweetRecently, on campus, a young woman was abducted, raped off-campus, and returned to campus by the rapist. She was then transported to the hospital and administered a rape kit. My math teacher, paving the road to hell with good intentions, decided to give all the girls in class a lecture about how to avoid being raped. His tips included [...]
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How deep is too deep?

Tweet This was the exact question I was wondering as I sat in the Lehigh student section, reading this Lehigh University fan’s t-shirt. The picture details a Lehigh Eagle with his pants around his ankles, engaging in forced copulation with Lafayette University’s school mascot the leopard. Unfortunately, it was not the only one that I [...]
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Gender Issues on U.S. College Campuses for Women

Tweet4 gender equalities that still exist with the higher academic world College is a place filled with great educational opportunities for both male and female students. As a hopeful student myself, I once thought it offered a level playing field for both men and women to succeed. Sure, it’s been decades since the women’s movement [...]
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