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Building an online feminist community in Canada

TweetI love Feministing. As a subscriber to a few American feminist blogs, I’m not always aligned with every post, but I do always love the opportunity to read perspectives on current events and pop culture that look a little further than typical news sites. I’m sure that there is little need to explain the value [...]
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It’s Still A Man’s World: The Male-Dominated Abortion Discussion and Why It’s Weird

TweetI miss the days when men were afraid of childbirth; when they would take to the road in anxious desperation, trying to hide the grotesquely bloody scene behind them in a cloud of kicked-up dust. I almost miss the days when a woman on her period was considered unclean, because at least then she would [...]
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Racism and Access to Education – the Ongoing Québec Student Strike

Tweet[A draft of this piece was originally posted on You Must Start Somewhere.] Québec students are currently in the midst of the longest student strike in North American history, in resistance to the proposed raising of university tuition from about $3,000 per year to about $4,600 per year, over a period of five years.  Even [...]
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Personhood Amendment Proposal Reaches Canada

TweetI have been an avid reader of Feministing for years.   It’s my go-to source for feminist news, articles, intelligent discourse, and discussion.    Being a Canadian reader, I was saddened and sickened to read Feministing’s coverage on the war on abortion rights currently being fought in the United States.  Reading about the barriers so [...]
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Canadian Ad Confuses Me

TweetAs a child growing up in a backwater 60 miles from my current home in Philadelphia, I was confused. I was confused as to why I had that “thing” between my legs. I was confused as to why I couldn’t get hormones and transition much younger. And this continued from adolescence into young adulthood. I [...]
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