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Beauty That’s ‘Real’

Tweet“Love the skin you’re in!” “Real women, real beauty.” “Beauty at any size!” You’ll likely recognise the above phrases, which, rather than necessitating quotation, were plucked from my arse. I mean mind. (Bum/mind/waist-to-hip ratio; telling the difference is as hard as it is futile.) Such clichés are the mantras of the body-positive ‘movement’: a barrage [...]
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Homosexuality in the Bible: How it happened and why feminists should be concerned.

Women, valued solely for their ability to produce an heir, were ultimately worthless, and therefore an encumbrance as a result of homosexuality. Families desperately seeking to purge unwanted daughters, then, execrated homosexuality as one might loathe insolvency, accumulating daughters like debt.
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Who Are the 1%? You Tell Us.

TweetThe Occupy movement has done more than anything in decades to highlight the corrosive effects of concentrated wealth on our economy and democracy. Indeed, seeing the 99% rise up in such inspirational fashion raises a question: Who exactly are the 1%? Or more specifically, who among them are abusing their power and making life more [...]
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Capitalism wants you to hate your body

TweetWe are not born hating our bodies; it is taught to us as we grow up. Capitalism encourages this because our self-loathing is both profitable and vulnerable.  The beauty “ideals” of whiteness, thinness, smooth skin, etc. are purposefully unattainable, as they then leave us in a constant state of “imperfection.” However, we would not think [...]
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OCCUPY Your City and Make History

TweetThe Occupy Wall Street protest is a full bore indictment against corporate greed and dysfunctional government. It’s a demand for nation building here at home. People young and old are taking the streets, sleeping in tents, donating pizza, even publishing their own Occupy Wall Street Journal newspaper, to let our government and corporations know that [...]
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