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RE: “Why It’s Ok to Want to be a Stay at Home Mom” OR, Let’s Change the Conversation about Feminism and Motherhood

TweetThe morning began like any other. I was sipping coffee in my living room, alternating between my Facebook news feed and the current updates on my handy New York Times news app. Suddenly, my hand froze. The familiar face of one of my most avidly conservative friends smiled back at me from her small thumbnail [...]
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No Place for Women in Journalism of Dissent

TweetI’m almost done with my seasonal job as a camera-person at a TV station in NYC and I’ve decided to take a break from journalism until at least November. I’m not satisfied with my career choice- Journalism- which doesn’t mean I will give up; it just means my approach has to change. It almost feels [...]
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You Will Grow Up To Be A Lion Tamer

TweetYou know that standardized test they give you in middle school that’s supposed to predict the job you’ll be best at? That test told me that I’d make a good lawyer. And I became a good lawyer. But I was also a stressed-out, unhappy lawyer. I eventually left the practice of law to write. (Was [...]
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Leaving politics at home

TweetIt happens all the time: I step out of my comfortable, liberal bubble in which everyone is well aware that I am a loud, proud sex educator and feminist, and suddenly these things don’t go over as smoothly as I’d like. Once, I was in DC to attend the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Young Feminist Leadership [...]
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Oh No She Didn’t

TweetIf my yellow-leather Nine West strappy sandals had brakes, the screech as I hit them at the grocery store would have sent shoppers rushing outside to look for a crash.  But the accident happened at the checkout stand.  When the young, hip adorable checker said in response to my explaining I was taking a year [...]
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