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No Place for Women in Journalism of Dissent

TweetI’m almost done with my seasonal job as a camera-person at a TV station in NYC and I’ve decided to take a break from journalism until at least November. I’m not satisfied with my career choice- Journalism- which doesn’t mean I will give up; it just means my approach has to change. It almost feels [...]
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You Will Grow Up To Be A Lion Tamer

TweetYou know that standardized test they give you in middle school that’s supposed to predict the job you’ll be best at? That test told me that I’d make a good lawyer. And I became a good lawyer. But I was also a stressed-out, unhappy lawyer. I eventually left the practice of law to write. (Was [...]
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Leaving politics at home

TweetIt happens all the time: I step out of my comfortable, liberal bubble in which everyone is well aware that I am a loud, proud sex educator and feminist, and suddenly these things don’t go over as smoothly as I’d like. Once, I was in DC to attend the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Young Feminist Leadership [...]
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Oh No She Didn’t

TweetIf my yellow-leather Nine West strappy sandals had brakes, the screech as I hit them at the grocery store would have sent shoppers rushing outside to look for a crash.  But the accident happened at the checkout stand.  When the young, hip adorable checker said in response to my explaining I was taking a year [...]
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