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Boys will be boys

Tweet“Smile, baby.” “What you so angry about?” I walk down the street and am told how to act. What to do. What to suck. I’m uncomfortable. I’m humiliated. I’m fearful. Tweet
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Ode to the man who catcalls me as I walk down the street

TweetOh what a miserable man are you Just shut your mouth for a second or two   You think yourself so droll but really you’re just an asshole. Tweet
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Blogging on street harassment: Sharing stories, spurring action

TweetOn Saturday, the homepage of CNN – the second most popular internet news outlet in America – featured a detailed piece on street harassment and sexual violence. All too often, the threat posed by street harassment is downplayed, referred to as a “compliment” or simply dismissed as just “how it is.” But CNN reporter Emily Smith recounts stories by two [...]
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When standing up to sexual harassment makes you a b*tch

TweetI recently enjoyed my lunch break by picking up books at MLK Library, located in Gallery Place/Chinatown in Northwest DC.  A few steps after I left MLK to return to work, an older man walked briskly toward me on the sidewalk, pointing his finger as he approached. “You’re sexy,” he said, continuing to point at [...]
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