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It’s Still A Man’s World: The Male-Dominated Abortion Discussion and Why It’s Weird

TweetI miss the days when men were afraid of childbirth; when they would take to the road in anxious desperation, trying to hide the grotesquely bloody scene behind them in a cloud of kicked-up dust. I almost miss the days when a woman on her period was considered unclean, because at least then she would [...]
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Brazilian women are taking charge of their births. Will we?

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry We thought our cesarean rate was bad…but check out Brazil’s! Our measly 31% doesn’t compare at all to Brazil’s 51% and 82% for those with private insurance. What’s worse is that research (obviously) points to non-clinical factors for all these cesareans such as time of birth, being married and delivering in [...]
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The Viability of Pre-Mature Infants and the Disappearing of Motherhood

Tweet   A SYTYCB entry In a recent article over at the New York Times, Rahul K. Parikh discusses the difficulties that doctors face in determining the course of action for babies who are born at 23-26 weeks gestation, as many as 19 weeks pre-mature. The conversation is an important one; the idea that doctors [...]
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Childbirth autonomy

TweetMy question here pertains to childbirth autonomy, as I believe that this is an important and often ignored part of the feminist debate. We have (thankfully) come a long way from the era where women did what the “nice doctor” told them to do while delivering their babies and childbirth was considered a curse that [...]
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