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Brave little girls: I know you are, but what am I?

TweetI was sitting in my sewing room, feeling pretty childish for crying over a sexist Facebook thread, when I decided it was time to re-evaluate some things. I feel like I’ve reached that good, comfy part of feminism. I am confident, strong, intense, unafraid. I’ve read some stuff and changed some minds. I’ve learned to [...]
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What if kids could vote?

Tweet The further along we get in this election season, the more passionately I start dreaming of a total upheaval of our political system. Electoral college? Super PACs? Two-party system? Does this all really make sense for us anymore? Join me on a little thought experiment: What if politicians had to be accountable to the [...]
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We’re all free to choose

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Tweet A SYTYCB Entry The purpose of this blog, my second entry in this contest, and my second blog ever, is to spark conversation, complete with various viewpoints, feedback, and input. Hopefully anyway, because I could use it. So as I mentioned in my previous blog, I am a mom to four. My daughters are [...]
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Gay Issues Adressed in Cartoons

TweetFirst off there isn’t a single openly gay character in cartoons. It’s the popular opinion that gay issues are never addressed in children’s media thanks to network censors, but I believe that gay issues are addressed. But it must be done in a very subtle way for fear of being dropped by the network. Here [...]
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