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RE: “Why It’s Ok to Want to be a Stay at Home Mom” OR, Let’s Change the Conversation about Feminism and Motherhood

TweetThe morning began like any other. I was sipping coffee in my living room, alternating between my Facebook news feed and the current updates on my handy New York Times news app. Suddenly, my hand froze. The familiar face of one of my most avidly conservative friends smiled back at me from her small thumbnail [...]
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Three must-reads for International Women’s Day

TweetFull disclosure: I grew up with a mom who gave me book after book about powerful women. She was intent on cultivating my feminism (and love of historical books) from an early age. It worked. I love historical and inspirational books about women. And I spend my days working at an international nonprofit focused on reproductive [...]
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We’re all free to choose

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Why Rep. Akin’s Apology is Not Enough

Tweet   A SYTYCB entry Over the last few days I have stewed, like many women, about Rep. Todd Akin’s comments on “legitimate rape” and his grossly inaccurate statement that victims of “legitimate rape” rarely get pregnant.  These comments outraged me such that I have not been able to coherently or succinctly put into words.  [...]
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This Holiday Season: Don’t Give To The Salvation Army

TweetNovember is the month of elections and the beginning of the holiday season. Now, with few exceptions, people who support LGBTIQ rights tend to go blue and those who oppose tend to go red. Blue and red happen to be the main colours of the two largest non-profit-thrift-stores-which-help-people-out, the relatively secular Goodwill and the religious [...]
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