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the wearing-things conundrum of my youth

Tweet a SYTYCB entry I used to be afraid to be looked at as a girlygirl. I was afraid that wearing skirts sometimes would make me a bad feminist. So I bought clothes in the boy’s section and laughed at the jokes I didn’t even think were funny just to prove that I could, as [...]
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Snog, Marry, Shame. Why ‘fake’ beauty isn’t the problem.

TweetListen, I think I’ve got a good one this time. A guaranteed hit. It’s a half-hour long, late-night slot set in some apocalyptic, totalitarian future where our robot overlords reign supreme. Fear and kneel before your Lord, Pod, or she shall unleash her wrath upon thee and even spoil your night out with the girls. [...]
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Response to “Why YOU are Beautiful, full stop.”

Are women's sizes fitting?
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The Important Question: Uglier or Ugliest?

TweetSF Gate takes on the controversial topic of women’s sporting uniforms. Okay, so they’re not my cup of tea.  Cap sleeves and a weird fake line down the center so that the shirt looks more “feminine” is a huge problem for me.  Apparently, it’s a huge problem for Yahoo! and the SF Chronicle as well.  Why?  Not [...]
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In defense of niqabs and burqas

TweetSince I’ve been asking progressives to walk and chew gum a lot lately, i.e. be able to hold support two values at once that might seem in conflict, I want to speak up against France’s veil ban that went into effect today. As a feminist who believes in women’s ability to function in society on [...]
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