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Coast Guard Academy superintendent make excuses for sexual predators

TweetThe United States Coast Guard Academy reports 10% of all female cadets  experienced unwanted sexual contact, a 2% increase from the previous year. More than half of the women that reported sexual abuse had said alcohol and/or drugs were used as a tool to commit these crimes.  Unwanted sexual contact includes a range of behaviors, from sexual assault [...]
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Military rape crisis center presses US coast guard to improve sexual assault prevention and Response

TweetOne in three women, as well as many men, in the Coast Guard are going to fall victim of sexual assault and rape. While a lot of focus has been on the Department of Defense to make changes, the United States Coast Guard–which falls under the Department of Homeland Security–has been exempt from having to [...]
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Coast Guard morale events for men not women.

TweetWho would have thought that I’d be sitting here writing about Cheerleaders? I am not going to debate on rather or not cheerleading is a sport. I won’t even debate if fake boobs and mini skirt uniforms while cheering is good or bad for girls and women. What I am going to write about is [...]
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Coast Guard falls behind on Gender Equality

TweetOur highest leadership is 93.3% men. We are proud of our continued success in equality! This is exactly what the United States Coast Guard boasted about on August 26, 2011 on their official blog. According to the Coast Guard this is what equality looks like: 13.7% of the Coast Guard workforce are women 13.2% of [...]
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Send a message to the Coast Guard: A janitor closet is for brooms – not for locking up rape survivors

Tweet**Trigger warning** Quick, what comes to mind when you think of a janitor closet? Brooms, mops, and other cleaning supplies, right? How about a rape survivor? Would you lock a rape survivor in a janitor closet for reporting a rape? Probably not. What if she was bleeding from the head? Would that make it okay [...]
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