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Stephen Colbert and the trouble with ironic oppression

TweetThis piece is cross-posted from my blog Introverted Chicago. With the recent announcement that Stephen Colbert will take over The Late Show when David Letterman leaves in 2015, there have been a flurry of jokes about the fact that #CancelColbert seems to have “worked”—albeit in the comedian’s favor. Before the hashtag movement becomes immortalized as [...]
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What’s straight and gay and funny as hell?

TweetThe provocative podcasting duo “Throwing Shade” recently played the east coast for the first time, but even if you live here you probably missed it. Their Philly show sold out the day after tickets went on sale. When The Arts Bank added an extra show, that one sold out in an hour. Their New York [...]
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Artie Lange makes sexist comments, Jimmy Fallon laughs, audience applauds

TweetJimmy Fallon is charming, enthusiastic, and totally non-controversial. Ask any fan or casual “Late Night” viewer, and you’ll hear things like, “Yeah, he seems like a really nice guy.” Recently, however, Fallon was also the conduit for Artie Lange (a washed-up comedian and self-identified “G-List” celebrity) to spew sexism and to promote ogling and objectifying [...]
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Louis C.K.’s analysis of the Daniel Tosh rape joke controversy misses the point

TweetThis is a little late, but it’s been bugging me. Earlier this week, Louis C.K. went on The Daily Show and spent the interview analyzing the Daniel Tosh rape joke controversy. It’s great to have comedians discussing this issue, but unfortunately C.K.’s analysis missed the point. C.K. concluded that he can see where women are [...]
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Snog, Marry, Shame. Why ‘fake’ beauty isn’t the problem.

TweetListen, I think I’ve got a good one this time. A guaranteed hit. It’s a half-hour long, late-night slot set in some apocalyptic, totalitarian future where our robot overlords reign supreme. Fear and kneel before your Lord, Pod, or she shall unleash her wrath upon thee and even spoil your night out with the girls. [...]
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