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Steubenville, Consent, and the Great American Wiggins Over Teen Sex

TweetOur culture has a rape problem in part because we haven’t taken the time as a society to discuss consent, particularly with impressionable young people. Talking to young people – particularly young men – about not raping includes telling them to seek an enthusiastic and cogent “yes” to sex rather than simply proceed with sex [...]
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Dirty towels get you pregnant: abstinence-only education

Tweet A SYTYCB entry “Later, hear about the woman who told her daughter that dirty towels could get her pregnant to keep her away from boys!” This what what I heard on the radio yesterday afternoon, as I drove home from running errands. I was, of course, appalled. How could a mother spread such preposterous lies? [...]
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VIDEO: “Boys are like microwaves. Girls are like crockpots.”

Tweet“Boys are like microwaves.  Girls are like crockpots.”  More actual lessons about gender from actual abstinence-only-until-marriage programs…Your tax dollars at work! You want references?  Here you go: The idea that gender behaviors are innate because girls and guys carry their books differently is used in both “WAIT (Why Am I Tempted)” and “Choosing the Best.” The [...]
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VIDEO: “Girls shouldn’t have ideas.”

TweetIf girls have ideas, they will scare boys away and end up alone.  I just learned this from an abstinence-only-until-marriage program called “Choosing the Best.” According to the program’s own website, “Choosing the Best” has reached more than 3 million young people in the United States.  The federal coverment currently spends more than $900,000 to teach [...]
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I’m just sick of people who haven’t gone through the process talking about what it’s like, what’s best for women, etc. Enough is fucking enough! If you want the truth go to the source. Maybe if we didn’t shame women around this, if we could break the silence, more truth could come out and light would be shed onto the realities surrounding abortion. Maybe then we wouldn’t have to feel alone when surrounded by our sisters who might understand. It’s hard to find another woman to talk about these things to, even though statistically so many of us have gone though it.
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