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What porn can teach us about safer sex

TweetEd. note: This post is part of the second round of the Feministing “So You Think You Can Blog” contributor contest (background here). Stay tuned all week as our six finalists take turns turns covering the blog and giving us a sense of their personal contributor style. The winner of the contest and newest member [...]
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Dirty towels get you pregnant: abstinence-only education

Tweet A SYTYCB entry “Later, hear about the woman who told her daughter that dirty towels could get her pregnant to keep her away from boys!” This what what I heard on the radio yesterday afternoon, as I drove home from running errands. I was, of course, appalled. How could a mother spread such preposterous lies? [...]
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Replying to more arguments regarding no-cost birth control

Tweet Since writing about birth control access last week, I’ve come across a few more arguments in the comments section of my WordPress blog/my OpenSalon blog that I’d like to address: Condoms aren’t that expensive, why not just use those? $50 isn’t that much money, you can easily forgo excesses and scrape together the money [...]
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Tell Your Sweetheart You Care With One of These Adorable Condom Valentines

TweetWant to show your sweetheart you care? Then show them you care about their sexual health with these condom cover valentines. Choose from any of the five designs, print it out, and wrap it around the contraceptive of your choice. Remember — nothing says “I Love You” better than keeping your partner safe. Tweet
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