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Celebrity Photo Leak: Sexism Surfaced

Tweet August just couldn’t end on a good note. After the severely troubling and still continuing issues in Ferguson, the internet ran amok with nude photos – stolen photos – of multiple celebrities, a crime that swept the front pages of every news site I’ve come across and filled my twitter feed with responses ranging [...]
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Thoughts on Consent

TweetConsent (as a Concept) is Necessary The argument that consent is a necessary social human construct is brilliant because it is solid.  The argument is solid because it gives every human their humanity.  It gives every human agency.  It empowers every human.  If the boundary of consent is overstepped it inevitably leads to dehumanization, victimization, [...]
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Work B**ch! Is Britney Spears Kink-Positive or a FCP?

TweetYou see the problem with all us bitches is that we expect to get Maseratis and look hot in bikinis without having to work. Oh baby baby, the video for Britney’s new single “Work B**ch” she reminds us that she earned her stripes at the height of raunch culture, to be sexy without being sexual is her [...]
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Don’t get drunk or you could get raped: What do we tell our daughters after Steubenville?

TweetBy now we all know the horrific details of how they moved her limp and ravaged body from party to party, how they tweeted and texted, recorded and uploaded, and, how in graphic detail, they described to their friends what they were doing to the girl who was “like dead.” We also know that in [...]
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Steubenville, Consent, and the Great American Wiggins Over Teen Sex

TweetOur culture has a rape problem in part because we haven’t taken the time as a society to discuss consent, particularly with impressionable young people. Talking to young people – particularly young men – about not raping includes telling them to seek an enthusiastic and cogent “yes” to sex rather than simply proceed with sex [...]
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