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The Harbinger of Doom, or NOT!

TweetThis is where we were at in my last post: “Now, I hate to be the harbinger of doom (I’m talking to all you younger ladies out there as well), but all women, every single one of us, must face this scenario sooner or later. As we age the popular media gradually villainizes and de-sexualizes us, [...]
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Counter culture

TweetA week or so ago, someone posted a link with discussion to the ‘Capitol Couture’ fake website that’s being used as promo for the upcoming ‘Hunger Games’ movies. It was stupid. The outfits were so ridiculous, I don’t think Elton John and Lady Gaga could be as outrageous if they teamed up. There was so much [...]
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It’s okay to be pale, hairy and dislike celebrity culture; unrelated rants.

TweetJust a few things I’ve been faced with and have accepted about myself recently. 1) I’m very pale skinned and throughout the years I’ve been laughed at, compared to things like “milk bottles” and I’ve been told I should give sun beds or fake tan a try. I’m “too pale” apparently. Hang on here – [...]
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