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Beauty That’s ‘Real’

Tweet“Love the skin you’re in!” “Real women, real beauty.” “Beauty at any size!” You’ll likely recognise the above phrases, which, rather than necessitating quotation, were plucked from my arse. I mean mind. (Bum/mind/waist-to-hip ratio; telling the difference is as hard as it is futile.) Such clichés are the mantras of the body-positive ‘movement’: a barrage [...]
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The HuffPost feminism debate: Addendum

TweetApologies to Lucy Sheriff, but, for a number of reasons, I must protest (to limit your frustration, I promise I am not currently wielding a placard.) Brogan Driscoll responded swiftly and concisely to your article with a number of good points, and I applaud her sentiments. However, this debate is complex and reducing it to [...]
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A president who is great or just good enough?

Tweet“This foreign policy stuff is a little frustrating,” George W. Bush was quoted saying in the New York Daily News in 2002. I thought of this little colloquialism as I watched the third presidential debate. I listened as Mr. Romney spoke of Syria being Iran’s only ally in the Middle East, but when he said, [...]
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Bachmann Sexism Watch: “Too Much Makeup”

TweetReally HuffPo? Now she’s wearing too much makeup? Eye makeup and some pink on her lips? That’s too much makeup? REALLY? Please stop attacking Michele Bachmann, and all the other women in politics, just for being women, or for being feminine. Seriously. This is ridiculous. We’re talking about someone who is a global warming skeptic, [...]
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Susan B. Anthony and the Abortion Debate

A response to the debate between feminists and anti-abortion activists about the relevance of nineteenth century attitudes on abortion in the modern abortion debate.
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