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How to Be a Short-Haired Female

TweetIf you have been keeping up with your beauty magazines, you’ll have noticed an increase in the number of famous actresses and singers who have cut their hair short. Short short. Not short like a bob hairdo, short like my father Bob’s hairdo. Perhaps you would like to cut your hair short, but you’re afraid [...]
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Brave little girls: I know you are, but what am I?

TweetI was sitting in my sewing room, feeling pretty childish for crying over a sexist Facebook thread, when I decided it was time to re-evaluate some things. I feel like I’ve reached that good, comfy part of feminism. I am confident, strong, intense, unafraid. I’ve read some stuff and changed some minds. I’ve learned to [...]
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Respect isn’t a finite resource

TweetThe venerable Lindy West and Mary Beth Williams have both weighed in over at Jezebel and Salon about a recent back and forth between Suzanne Moore, Julie Burchill, and the public regarding an article Moore published last week about female anger, in which she wrote the following: “We are angry with ourselves for not being [...]
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“But we can’t do it alone, we need everyone…” Gay rights, “slut” othering, and pizza…?

TweetJoel Diaz, your opinion on Huffpost got me thinking a little, well a lot, about oppression, and queerness­­–oh, I apologize, I mean ”equality.” Not as much as the shock you felt when you almost had your night ruined and your pizza taken away by a “bigoted” “oppressor,” but I too was shocked. Well, okay, at first [...]
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I Guess I’m Going to Hell

TweetI think it’s safe to say that we’ve all seen some pretty outrageous political ads, but a new ad by former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee puts the cherry on top of the dishonest, nonsensical Republican sundae. His new message: warning Christian Americans if they vote for President Obama, Hell is where they’ll end up. These [...]
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