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Kids are Eating Fewer Calories — and developing eating disorders?

TweetOn February 21, 2013 the New York Times published an article about how American children are eating fewer calories than a decade ago. America has an obesity epidemic, so this is a good thing, right? Sure, maybe. First, though, before we get into any discussion, I’d like to point out that the New York Times [...]
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Commercial catastrophe

TweetHello Feministing community! Just thought I would share a little ass-hattery brought to you by Crystal Light! http://youtu.be/y8pNQ6lSQ-8 It’s a diet product commercial! So we have to have women talking about how much they love diet products cause only women diet! Also, I live in WA. It is never almost bikini season. Except for that [...]
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Real Women Have … Bodies

Tweet The other day, my friend shared this image on my Facebook wall. I’m sure she had good intentions, as did the creator. At first glance, it seems like a girl-power-feel-good-kind-of-message that challenges the pressure to be thin, similar to the “real women have curves” mantra made popular by the movie of the same name. [...]
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