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Liberating Beauty: A Conversation with Sins Invalid’s Patty Berne

TweetThis piece originally appeared on D. Allen’s website, The Body Connected.  Last week I had the pleasure of talking with Patty Berne, director and co-founder of Sins Invalid, a Bay Area-based organization and performance project that centralizes artists from historically marginalized communities. If you are remotely interested in (A) disability justice, (B) sexy and smart performance [...]
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Women in Pornography: Annabel & Grace

TweetI was first introduced to Sex: The Annabel Chong Story in the second year of my Film Studies degree in a week titled The Pornography Debates, part of the segment on gender representation. Now that I choose to write about gender in culture I regret not plunging myself into full engagement with the course; but despite my [...]
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A man walks into a bar…

Tweet“A man walks into a bar…” Every joke can be a setup for a rape joke. When rape victims turn on their TVs, they face a strong possibility of being confronted with reminders of one of the worst experiences of their lives. What’s worse, these experiences are likely to be laughed at. Rape jokes are [...]
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Conspiracy of Silence-A ‘Banned’ Documentary about Child Abuse

TweetIn light of recent and ongoing news regarding child abuse, such as the incidents at Penn State and Syracuse, here is a documentary that was produced with the Discovery Channel in 1994 about a pedophilia ring that permeated up through government officials. The start of the film gives info about why it was never aired. [...]
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Lesbians of Long Island

TweetI’m a New York City based photographer and film maker. I’m currently working on a short documentary simply titled Lesbians of Long Island. The film is centered around my aunts Lisa and Lois and yes, you got it, they live in Long Island. The film focuses on their love and adoration for one another with [...]
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