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Towards Beijing+20: The time is now

TweetCross-posted from UN Women Hibaaq Osman is a global political strategist who attended the Beijing Conference in 1995. Today, she heads Karama, an international organization based in Cairo that is working to end violence against women in the Arab region and is a partner of the UN Women Fund for Gender Equality. Ms. Osman is [...]
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Domestic Violence and The Walking Dead

TweetEvent: Sunday, October 27th, 2013, 5:00 pm Mood (Song): Frou Frou – Let Go The worst thing about you telling me you think “I’m beautiful” is that when it comes out of your mouth, I believe you. Last Saturday should’ve been just another anonymous weekend eve. After not having much of a spring or summer, [...]
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In Timor-Leste, communities mobilize to confront domestic violence

TweetCross-posted at the Community Blog, from UN Women. “If the dispute is not that serious, if it is just slapping and there is no blood, we just let the family work it out,” says an elderly customary leader, Norberto Tomas, addressing a group of 50 community members gathered for the inauguration of a community space [...]
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Bring Women’s Human Rights Home

TweetBy Lenora Lapidus, Director of the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project On this International Women’s Day, March 8, we call on the United States government to apply the same human rights principles it preaches for women elsewhere around the world, to women here at home. We are currently in the middle of the two-week United Nations [...]
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Kasandra Michelle Perkins, the name we need to be saying, along with the words “domestic violence”

TweetWhen a Kansas City Chiefs linebacker killed his girlfriend over the weekend, the press was very quick to jump on the story. They talked about his dramatic suicide, about his record, about the Chiefs and their losing season. A Facebook group for Chiefs fans wrote: “While we are mired in a bad season with bad [...]
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