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Yoplait’s confessional

TweetIt’s time to confess your sins. So says Yoplait. The yogurt company recently launched a campaign urging women to post their diet “fails” online using the hash tag “foodfessional.” It’s OK to slip up on your diet, says Yoplait—as long as you confess your sin and pledge to make the virtuous choice: opt for a [...]
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What We Talk About When We Talk About Eating Disorders

TweetGlamour Magazine recently posted an article by a woman who had recovered from anorexia.  By way of introduction, the author tried to assign a cause to her illness, writing, “I developed an eating disorder after a series of events: the loss of a family member, moving out of my house for the first time, starting [...]
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Backhanded compliments

TweetRecently I went home for some holiday festivities with the fam, including a get-together at my mom’s best friend’s house… aka my “other mother.” It was nice to see some old, familiar faces… teachers from elementary school, the family I used to babysit for, etc. I hadn’t seen most of these people in at least [...]
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“Careful the things you say, children will listen.”

Tweet“OY, would you just look at the waist on her? You’re so lucky to be so skinny!” The number of times I heard this line in any number of variations as a child would be impossible to estimate. I got it from family members, my parents’ friends, and completely random women in grocery and department [...]
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National Eating Disorder Awareness week story: My pesky little inconvenience

TweetFour years ago, I was determinedly approaching death’s door. Though they don’t think of it this way for their own sanity, my family would have already buried my body by now if there were no intervention. Because that is what my eating disorder wanted, and it was running the show. Now I know I have [...]
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