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Harassment and the law for women in Cairo

TweetThis is material from my blog Opinion Ate It The last year has been tumultuous in Egypt, for men and women. However, the recent constitution and continued protest marking the 2nd anniversary of the revolution, which ousted former ruler Hosni Mubarak have brought little reprieve to Egyptian women. Sexual harassment is so rampant that it [...]
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Grabbing the World by the Lapels and Reclaiming our Future

TweetThree months and one week from now will mark the 5th anniversary of my divorce from a short-lived, not-so-holy matrimony. It lasted for a mere month and a half, and then dissolved after it became clear to me that I was being used as a pawn for a Green Card. I witnessed marriages unravel all [...]
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More Than 80% of Women Are Harassed, Just for Walking on the Street

TweetAs some of you may recall, two years ago I wrote a post on Feministing Community asking people to take an informal survey about gender-based street harassment for a book I wanted to write. More than 900 people took the survey and last year I signed a book contract. This week my book is out [...]
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