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Hillary: President OR Grandmother?

TweetChelsea Clinton, Hillary Clinton’s daughter, recently announced that she was expecting a child — making Hillary a soon-to-be grandmother. Although most media sources expressed joy over the announcement, some took a different route and brought up questions over Clinton’s capability of running for president in 2016 as a grandmother. This criticism implies that a woman [...]
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Women take the day

TweetSo Ladies, I guess we cleaned house last night–and the senate, plus we kept the White House in very good order.  That’s right, we won–in more ways than one. 1.  A record number of women have been elected to Congress.  Ms. McCaskill, Ms. Warren, Ms. Baldwin, and all the others, we applaud you.  You are [...]
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A president who is great or just good enough?

Tweet“This foreign policy stuff is a little frustrating,” George W. Bush was quoted saying in the New York Daily News in 2002. I thought of this little colloquialism as I watched the third presidential debate. I listened as Mr. Romney spoke of Syria being Iran’s only ally in the Middle East, but when he said, [...]
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The least respected president in U.S. history?

TweetDuring the second presidential debate, I found myself, on more than one occasion on my feet, yelling at the TV. I have seen quite a few political debates become heated, but the blatant impudence Mitt Romney showcased was incredible. The GOP thinks that the President was the one that was out of line, but if [...]
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Get Your MITT OFF my MUFF!

TweetBeautiful young women unite in this funny, provocative, informative and powerful music video to thwart the Republican attack on women’s rights and to get women to the polls in November. Tweet
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