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Support the Equal Rights Amendment

TweetI am part of this group in Facebook called ERA NOW. They are an organization dedicated to the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Some people may think we don’t need the ERA, because societal progress has eradicated the need for it. Not true. From women still making 77 cents to every dollar a man [...]
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Space, bodies, and the attack on women

Tweet*TRIGGER WARNING: sexism, rape, rape culture, abortion* I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I’m going to put some thoughts out there to potentially open up a discourse on the recent issues affecting vaginas in the United States.  This is not intended to start arguments, but rather challenge how we approach trans*masculine involvement [...]
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Lady Gaga saying “retarded” contradicts equality-driven persona

Tweet Lady Gaga, why are you trying to piss me off so much lately? Specifically, why do you keep using derogatory language in song lyrics and interviews? As someone who wants to define herself as a leader in the social justice movement and a champion of equal rights, why do you use language that is [...]
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