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A few (many) harsh words for Erica Jong

TweetLast October, there was a whole lot of talk and writing accusing young feminists of forgetting what their foremothers had done for them, choosing the wrong battles, and letting the progress that had been made slip away. Well, here’s another in that same vein, by Erica Jong. Her assertion is that young women and feminists [...]
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But Erica Jong, We’re Raunchy, Too! The Young Feminists Cry

TweetI was thrilled to see an op-ed in the NY Times by Erica Jong, one of my favorite authors, poets, and sex-pots. My thrill lasted for about 15 seconds. In “Is Sex Passé?” Ms. Jong begins: What could be more eternal than sexuality? The fog of longing, the obsession with the loved one’s voice, smell, [...]
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