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Why men should be fighting just as hard for women’s reproductive freedom

TweetMen, you need to be fighting for women’s reproductive freedom just as hard as anyone. Why? Because there is a 51% chance you will have a daughter. The last thing you want is for her to be tied to a man she doesn’t love, a man that you probably hate, and a man that will [...]
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Finding strength through struggle: The most important gift my mom gave me

TweetOriginally posted at Strong Families By Anthony Carli Tears barreled down my face; I stumbled from my seat into the aisle of the school bus and hurriedly disembarked. My heart stung like a piece of its flesh had been torn off and left on the bus with the other fourth graders. Some shouted and laughed [...]
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Brother bully

TweetOk, I am new to this site and not sure where to post what, but I’m hoping this is where I can go for support for an issue that I am being tortured with. I am just looking for other women out there that may have been through what I have gone through and can [...]
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Dealing with family sexism at Thanksgiving

TweetThanksgiving is not my favorite holiday. Aside from the awful history behind it, I am just not a fan of turkey. However, the one thing I like about Thanksgiving is the fact that I get to see my family. For the most part, I love my family very much, and since I don’t get so [...]
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Our Little Light: Letter From A Young Activist

TweetBy Lindsey Hennawi, cross-posted at On The Issues Magazine The church was African Methodist Episcopal (AME), which we began attending after my mother had a falling out with the priest at our Catholic church over what color skin Jesus had, how it differed from his depiction in the church’s paintings, and whether the congregation was [...]
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